Sean Flynn / University of Connecticut

Sean Flynn / University of Connecticut

While the day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been known as the unofficial kickoff of the annual holiday shopping season, recently Turkey Day itself has seen a growing number of retailers opening their doors to shoppers. This year, a number of high-profile stores are opening as early as 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day in a bid to get an early start on the yearly spending frenzy.

By contrast, other retailers are holding firm on keeping the doors locked for Thanksgiving, some even taking out ads to highlight their stance and indirectly accuse their competitors of spoiling the holiday for their workers.

A new UConn Poll out today finds that most Americans are, at best, wary of adding shopping to other Thanksgiving traditions like watching football, eating too much, and politely tolerating relatives with political views they loathe beyond description.

Among the highlights of the poll, which measured the opinions of 1,189 adults, are:

* 90 percent say they aren’t going shopping on Thanksgiving

* 49 percent disapprove of stores opening on Thanksgiving Day (just 16 percent approve, while 34 percent are neutral)

* 46 percent think stores should wait until the morning of Black Friday to open

* 34 percent say they have a negative view of stores that open on Thanksgiving

There’s lots more interesting data in the full report, which can be viewed here (PDF).