If you’re like one fifth of Americans, the answer is: watch TV, especially football (it’s a big day for college rivalry games). A new UConn Poll measured what Americans like to do most on the year’s most popular unofficial holiday, and found:

* 20 percent say it’s TV and football

* 15 percent say relaxing and/or napping

* (tie) 14 percent say the best thing about Black Friday is eating leftovers or holiday shopping

* 12 percent say it’s spending time with family and friends

* 5 percent say it’s outdoor activities

* 3 percent say decorating for Christmas

* 1 percent of hearty Americans say it’s yard work

Incidentally, 4 percent of Americans (including the author of this post) say they have to work on Black Friday. For a complete data set, and a historical look at how thankful Americans feel right now in comparison to previous years, feel free to peruse this PDF.